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Director of Academics & Parent Support
Services Academic, ADHD & Executive
Function Coaching

Patti Franyie is a Director of Parent Support Services. As a veteran educator who has taught grades 4-8 for over 15 years, her focus is on possibilities not problems. As a teacher, Patti works hard to ensure the needs of all learners are met to promote the highest level of learning and achievement. Patti is constantly learning and acquiring new knowledge in best practices and educating diverse learners. As the mother of a neurodiverse learner, Patti has made it her mission to help guide parents through the process and navigation of special education services and interventions for neurodiverse learners. As a teacher, she dedicated herself to meeting the needs of all her students and ensuring every child knows how he or she can learn, no matter their diagnosis.


Patti provides services in academic remediation, ADHD and executive functioning, academic resources and parent support, tutoring, and test prep. Parents will leave PRAC educated and empowered with the right tools to advocate for their children throughout their academic journeys. Patti studied psychology in her undergrad years and earned her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in mathematics education. She currently continues her education and professional development in the field of ADHD and Executive Function coaching with an emphasis on strengths instead of weaknesses, and appropriate strategies to set up individuals for success.

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